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Five Rollers PVC Calender Machine

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dobra jakość Wewnętrzny mikser Banbury na sprzedaż
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Five Rollers PVC Calender Machine

Chiny Five Rollers  PVC Calender Machine dostawca
Five Rollers  PVC Calender Machine dostawca Five Rollers  PVC Calender Machine dostawca Five Rollers  PVC Calender Machine dostawca

Duży Obraz :  Five Rollers PVC Calender Machine

Szczegóły Produktu:

Place of Origin: CHINA
Nazwa handlowa: FLAME
Orzecznictwo: ISO9001:2000
Model Number: five rollers calender


Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Cena: USD 180,000-200,000/set
Packaging Details: Standard Export Packing
Delivery Time: 120 working days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 3 sets/120 days
Szczegółowy opis produktu
Number of rollers: five Roller hardness: HS68-72
Roller size: 410×1200mm converter: ABB
High Light:

calendering equipment


calendering machine

1. Introduction of Product

φ410×1200mm roller “Γ” type Five Rollers Rigid PVC Calender Machine With High tenacity


Rigid Pvc


Light Weight, High Tenacity

Product Name:

PVC Calender Machine

Roller Number:

5 Roll

Driving Motor:

Variable-frequency Motor

Roller Material:

1#, 2#, 3#, 4#, 5#


2. Quick Detail:

This Calendar line is able to produce a wide range of PVC film and sheet products for different applications. The line is composed of φ410×1200mm roller “Γ” type 5-roll Calendar, 150 planetary extruder, and together with up-stream and down-stream auxiliary equipment.


3. Description:

(1) The material of the cylinder 1#, 2#, 3# is Alloy Chilled Cast Iron, 

its hardness is HS68-72,cylinder 4#, 5# is forging by extra fine steel, its hardness is HRC58, the 

parameter of the roller is φ 410x1200,the pulsate of roller’s surface is less than 0.01mm(after finishing 

the adjustment of calender)

(2) The cylinder 1#is canulate, 2# ,3# is used to drill round, chromium-plated on the surface of the roller, and surface roughness is above Ra0.20; cylinder 4#,5# is used to drill 

round, and surface roughness is above Ra0.05( specular )

(3) Main drive is the high precision, small gap combinatorial gearbox. 

This speed reducer is special use for plastic hard piece rolling. We manufacture them according to 

ZBJ19004-88. The accuracy of gear grinding is number 6, superior alloy steel. Smoothly gearbox 

transmit, low noisy(less than 80 db), high accuracy in stability. Drive by universal coupling, its maximum 

linear velocity of cylinder is 30m/minute.

(4) The driving motor is variable-frequency motor.

(5) The bearing of the roller is with high temperature resistance, high 

precision (class D).

(6) We have deal with the rack and base many times,make sure the accuracy requirement. We use the

 stainless steel to wrap the rack and beam.

(7) Roller 1#, 2#, 3#, 4#, 5# is heated up by heat transfer oils. The gap between roller and roll surface

is tiny. The rollers are all with the Oil-filled swivel joint, metallic hose.

(8) Roller1#, 2#, 3#, 5# is the motor-driven clearance take-up mechanism.


4. Applications:

Fix(Six) Roll Calender is Applicated in producing high grade rigid transparent PVC sheet, colorful PVC 

sheet, flexible PVC sheet,such as food package,medicine package and other uptake plastic container.

Five Rollers  PVC Calender MachineFive Rollers  PVC Calender MachineFive Rollers  PVC Calender MachineFive Rollers  PVC Calender Machine 
5. Specifications:


  SY-5L950 SY-5Г1050 SY-6Г1200 SY-5Г1300 SY-5Г1500 SY-5Г1600 SY-5Г1800
Roller size Ø320×950mm Ø400×1050mm Ø400×1200mm Ø450×1300mm







Arrangement patterm L types Г types Г types Г types Г types Г types Г types
Calendering speed 5-25m/min 6-30m/min 6-30m/min 7-35m/min 8-40m/min 8-45m/min 10-50m/min
Roller quantity 5 5 6 5 5 5 5
Tinckness of Calender product 0.1-06mm 0.06-1.0mm 0.2-1.2mm 0.08-1.0mm 0.08-1.0mm 0.08-1.0mm 0.08-1.0mm
Largest with of Calender product 450-770mm 610-820mm 610-950mm 610-1050mm 720-1250mm 720-1350mm 800-1500mm
Driving power 45kw 115kw 136kw 170kw 235kw 290kw 380kw
Heating power 90kw 210kw 240kw 265kw 315kw 385kw 456kw
Capacity 250kg/h 450kg/h 500kg/h 650kg/h 800kg/h 1000kg/h 1500kg/h

6. Competitive Advantage:
a. The rollers are drilled roll with hot-grinded, single motor single transmission with a stable and adjustment speed work. The machine use roller bearing which can bear high temperature. Sealing type is labyrinth.
b. The film can infinite extend, with a high work speed, high produce capacity, good quality and uniform thickness.
c. The main machine has roll crossing, preloading and anti-bending device, the nip adjustment speed can be adjusted, the electric parts has PLC control.

7. Service:
1. Oversea installation guide.
2. Oversea test running
3. Ovsersea worker training
4. Technical support
5. Spare parts supply
6. Technical operation support
7. Formula and processing support
8. Option
This sysytem is  composed of five-rollers calender, multiple-roller lead device and auxiliary cooling machine
9. Commercial terms
1. Payment: 30% by T/T as advance payment, balance(70%) by T/T before shipment
2. Lead Time: 120 days after receiving the advance payment
3. Transportation: container, simple package ( PE film, salver)
4.Warranty period: From the day of the use of the machine in the buyer’s factory:
   (1) The mechanical Parts: 12 months
   (2) The electrical Parts: 6 months
5. Installations and Commissioning
   (1) Up to date commissioning has been made before shipment
   (2) Overseas Commissioning and charges one or two technicians will be sent to the buyer to guide the 
   installation and commissioning of the equipment if the customer requests.
  Customers pay the charge of our technicians.
   (1) Round-trip Airplane Ticket
   (2) Charges of transportation, accommodation and communication
   (3) The allowance for the technicians is USD 80 per day for one person.
   (4) An interpreter is needed.
6. Spare parts:
   Spare parts for one year are needed for the customers, and we suggest that customers should buy the      spare parts. (Fittings list will be provided.)
7. English manual, Figuration drawing, and footing drawings are provided.


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