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Small Temperature Difference Back Feed banbury mixer 110KW-6P Shear Rotor NL-75L

Small Temperature Difference Back Feed banbury mixer 110KW-6P Shear Rotor NL-75L

    • Small Temperature Difference Back Feed banbury mixer 110KW-6P Shear Rotor NL-75L
    • Small Temperature Difference Back Feed banbury mixer 110KW-6P Shear Rotor NL-75L
    • Small Temperature Difference Back Feed banbury mixer 110KW-6P Shear Rotor NL-75L
  • Small Temperature Difference Back Feed banbury mixer 110KW-6P Shear Rotor NL-75L

    Szczegóły Produktu:

    Place of Origin: CHINA
    Nazwa handlowa: FLAME
    Orzecznictwo: ISO9001:2008、CE
    Model Number: NL-75L Banbury Mixer


    Minimum Order Quantity: one set
    Cena: USD33,000/set
    Packaging Details: Standard Export Packing
    Delivery Time: 60 working days
    Payment Terms: T/T
    Supply Ability: 10 sets/60 days
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    Szczegółowy opis produktu
    Mixing Capacity: 75L Batch Time: About 4-7 times/hour
    Driving Motor: 110KW-6P Tilting Motor: 3.75KW-4P
    High Light:

    kneader rubber mixer


    banbury rubber mixer

    1. Introduction of Product
    Small Temperature Difference Back Feed 110KW-6P Shear Rotor NL-75L  Banbury Mixer



    Dispersion Kneader Mixer

    Cooling Way

    Cooling water


    Tumblet Type


    It is mainly used for rubber mixing.


    Chrome Plated and Alloy Hardfacing Electrodes


    Cast Steel

    Connect Way



    about 60-85kg/unit


    ISO, CE

    2. Description:
        It consists of the main body welded of high-quality steel plate in the shape of W and two side plates. It is of the jacket design for cooling or heating. The inside is plated with hard chrome or built up by welding with carbide alloy.

       It is of the Banbury type. The rotor shaft has a bore and radial holes that lead to the wing are built up by welding with carbide alloy on the top and end faces and then grinding, polishing and plating hard chromium.


    Project       Name                                         specification

    1.          Application                                     for rubber mixing

    2.          Effective capacity                           58L

    3.          Total capacity                                 75L

    4.      Feeding type:                                   feeding from back and front (design according to client’s demand)

    5.          Temperature adjustment               water cooling or other 

    6.          Capacity for one batch                  about 60-85kg(according to production technology)

    7.          Time for one batch                         5-10min

    8.          Main motor                                     110KW  AC

    9.          Rotor type                                       two-corner fan

    10         Mixing axle speed                          0-45rpm(transducer)

    3. Equipment list

    a.Discharging device

    a-1    Structure    mixing chamber of worm wheel structure

    a-2   Tilting angle   Max. 110°~135°

    a-3 Tilting motor     3HP motor with brake (Dongyuan motor)+ planetary type  gearbox


    b. Rigging device

    b-1 Main motor   160kw   6P, AC (Dongyuan motor)

    b-2 Transducer    160KW (Mitsubishi)

    b-3 Belt Rigging C belt is made of top quality rubber

    b-4 Gearbox        totally enclosed, hard-tooth surface with grinding treatment, reduction ratio 16:1 

    b-5 Differential gear   differential gear group is used in front and back mixer shaft, differential speed ratio 1:0.75


    c. Matched pipe

    c-1 Mixing chamber, axis of rotation, pressure cover is of water cooling pipe,  size of inlet and outlet pipeline is 01.


    d. Electric cabinet

    d-1 Cabinet of floor type 

    d-2 Electric device and control appliance is according to national standard

    d-3 Electric cabinet designed according you client’s demand

           d-3-1 Motor start loop

           d-3-2 Temperature set, displayed and controlled automatically.

           d-3-3  PLC+10” one set (Taida brand in Taiwan), displaying technology curves in time, downloading technical parameter, providing operation procedure of banbury mixer. Procedure setting of various prescriptions is available. Operation is totally according to the prompt of human-computer interface, and so as to avoid the error operation caused by human neglect. Procedure content is set by buyer. Various manual knobs can be preserved. 

     Small Temperature Difference Back Feed banbury mixer 110KW-6P Shear Rotor NL-75LSmall Temperature Difference Back Feed banbury mixer 110KW-6P Shear Rotor NL-75LSmall Temperature Difference Back Feed banbury mixer 110KW-6P Shear Rotor NL-75LSmall Temperature Difference Back Feed banbury mixer 110KW-6P Shear Rotor NL-75L
    4. Applications:  

       It is widely used to mix the rubber, plastics and other rubber & plastics material.


    5. Main Technical Parameter:









    Main motor power(KW)








    Cylinder diameter(mm)








    Feeding mode (front / back)

    Front type

    Front / rear formula









    Mounting dimensions(mm)

















    6. Competitive Advantage:

    • This equipment possesses temperature and time control sysytem for easy, but accurate operation and best decentralization.
    • Tilt-able mixing chamber and mechanical shaft sealing design for easy cleaning and colour changing.
    • Pressure sealed mixing chamber to assure the quality of mixed material and also prevent environment pollution.
    • The mixing chamber is made of soud alloy steel and the work surface is hare chromin coated for supper anti-abrasion. 

    7. Service:
    1. Oversea installation guide.
    2. Oversea test running
    3. Oversea worker training
    4. Technical support
    5. supply of spare parts
    6. Technical operation support
    7. Formula and processing support
    8. Option
    Two rotors mixer the relative rotation, the material from the feed mouth clamp into the roll gap by rotor extruding and shearing, after through the roll gap above the top tied pien is divided into two parts, respectively along the chamber wall and the gap between the rotor before and after the return to roll gap above.In a week around the rotor flow, material is influenced by the shear and friction action, make rubber temperature rise sharply, lower viscosity, increased the wettability on the surface of the rubber in the compound, make good contact with rubber and compound surface.
    9. commercial terms

     Installing & debugging service:
    1. After the contract is confirmed, the seller will supply the plan of the workshop, foundation chart and the chart of rubber roller, square axes & all kinds of rollers. All operation manual will be supplied by seller, too.
    2. The seller will send 3-4 technical workers to guide installation and debugging for buyer;
    3. The buyer should supply the spare pipes and electric wires, and the seller just advices the specification or the model of them.

    Other terms:
    1. Delivery period: totally 6 months after the contact is confirmed.
    2. Payment: 30% of the total amount by T/T in advance as down payment, 70% of total amount by T/T before shipment.
    3. Spare parts: The seller will provide a set of valueless vulnerable parts for free. The seller also suggests the buyer to buy a set of spare parts which meets one year's use again. The seller will show the list of spare parts to the buyer for his choose before delivery.
    4. Appearance and color: appearance and color of the machines are based on the seller's standard. Of  course, we can also custom-made according to buyer's request.
    5. Electric power: The quotation above is based on 380V/50Hz. There will be some additional fee and extended producing time for custom-built electric power requirement.
    6. Warranty period:
        6-1. Machines: one year after successful debugging;
        6-2. Electrical components: 6 months after successful debugging.
    7. Debugging service and cost borne by Foreign:
        7-1. The seller will send three or four technical workers (or more as buyer's request) to the place which appointed by the buyer for the guidance of equipment installation and the debugging service;
        7-2. Both buyer and seller should bear their corresponding charge as below:
        7-2-1. The seller is in charge of the fee cost in China but except for the visa charge;
        7-2-2. The buyer is in charge of the fee cost in Foreign and the visa charge. This fee includes but not limited to the followings:
        a. Round-trip ticket;
        b. Transportation, meals, accommodation and communication fee during business trip;
        c. Allowance (manpower fee) USD 80.00 for per person a day (days calculation: total days from the day on the business trip to returning to China);
        d. Translator: The buyer should hire a translator for the seller's technical workers convenient field work communication, and for completing the task successfully. Otherwise the seller will send an additional translator. The buyer should be in charge of this cost (refer to a~d).

    Szczegóły kontaktu

    Osoba kontaktowa: Mr. James

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